These training courses are designed for service technicians and engineers responsible for service issues relating to our mobile C-arms. They give course participants an in-depth understanding of the design and configuration of all hardware and software building blocks and how they interwork. Theoretical coaching is backed up by hands-on training and customer insight through case studies. These courses give service partners the technical foundation they need to solve complex issues in the field.

From 2021 we offer a new structure to our technical service trainings – a blended learning approach with a flexible combination of online and / or on-site training.
Our service partners will now be able to part-qualify for specific service tasks and maintenance or fully-qualify for all complex service assignments depending on their expertise and their company’s needs.

On-Line training is a mix of self-learning and preparation On-Line and virtual classroom sessions, with tests to check progress and understanding. Training can pause here, until service engineers proceed to On-Site classroom training.
On-Site training, in Nuremberg, Germany, will give the hands-on practise needed to perform the full range of higher-level service tasks on our X-ray units and equipment. It is strongly recommended attending On-Site training soon after completing On-Line training.

After completing the training you will be certified to perform service maintenance and repair on the respective systems (with full qualification for TST | On-Site and limited qualification for TST | On-Line).

For information about the training curriculum and the registration process, as well as more detailed course descriptions, please click on “Overview & Registration” in the categories further below.